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Witold Kwasnicki


Professor of Economics
Institute of Economic Sciences
Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics
Wroclaw University, Poland.

April 5, 1952, Bielawa, Poland.


Married, two sons (Jakub and Mateusz).

Academy of Economics, Wroclaw, DSc 1995, (in economics, habilitation)

Wroclaw University of Technology, PhD 1980 (in computer science)

Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Wroclaw University of Technology M.Sc. and Engineer 1976 (in Computer Science with investigation into simulation methodology of complex systems)

DSc: Knowledge, Innovation and Economy. An Evolutionary Exploration (1995).

PhD: Simulation of some class of evolutionary processes of development(1980).

Master: A model of evolutionary processes applying the preadaptive principle (1976).

My scientific and educational interests are focused on a few, seemingly dispersed, areas, namely:

  • evolutionary approach to socio-economic development; evolutionary economics;
  • innovation processes, entrepreneurship and knowledge management in a state of rapid technological change;
  • taxation – modern reforms and history of taxes;
  • liberalism and the Austrian Economics;
  • history of economic thought;
  • methodology and practice of computer simulation of socio-economic systems;
  • general mechanisms of cultural development and biological evolution;
  • scientific and technological knowledge development; methodology of research and historical perspective.

I am convinced that there are general mechanisms of evolutionary development which are common to, and are present in biological (natural) evolution as well as in socio-economic (artificial, cultural) evolution (such as economic evolution, knowledge evolution, language evolution, etc.). My interest in evolutionary processes goes back to the beginning of 1970s. During my study in the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Wroclaw University of Technology, together with Halina Kwasnicka (at that time Halina Gebura), under the supervision of Prof. Roman Galar, we have initiated project on evolutionary processes modelling. That project ended in 1976 by defending the Master Thesis focused on application of so called preadaptive principle to model evolutionary processes (in the meantime, in 1975, Halina ‘has just got’ the second name ‘Kwasnicka’). In the following years we have continued our interest in evolutionary modelling. Halina has focused her work on application of evolutionary ideas to forecasting substitution processes and I was working on methodological problems of computer simulation of evolutionary processes and investigating the role of diversity in accelerating evolutionary change. For work in those areas we both got PhD degrees in computer science in 1980. After finishing PhD theses we worked in Future Research Center in Wroclaw, and in 1980s we were engaged in forecasting of socio-economic development. In the end of 1980s our common interest split a little bit. Halina has started to work in Computer Science Department and I have come back to the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, where I worked on application of evolutionary ideas to socio-economic modelling and where I have finished my book on Knowledge, Innovation and Economy. Now, Halina is working in the area of Artificial Intelligence and I am working in broad area of Evolutionary Economics.

For three years, in the end of 1990s, I was working in the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences and in the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management. Since 2000 I am working in the Institute of Economic SciencesWroclaw University. I am teaching courses on Macro- and Microeconomics and onManaging of Innovation. I also continue research on my broad interest related to evolutionary economics, still developing my model of industrial dynamics.

In autumn 2001 my book on The Principles of Market Economics (in Polish) was published. I hope it will be useful for young generation of Poles, living in the transition period from centrally planned to market economy.




2000 –             – Institute of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wroclaw

1999-2012     – High School of Management and Banking, Poznan and Wroclaw

1997-2000     – Institute  of Management  and Industrial Engineering, Wroclaw University of Technology

1998-1999       – The First Private High School of Business and Administration, Warsaw

1989-1997     – Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Wroclaw University of Technology.

1980-1989       – Futures Research Center, Wroclaw University of Technology.


1985-1986 Scientific secretary of  Polish quarterly Prace Naukoznawcze i Prognostyczne.
1992-1997 Co-ordinator of co-operation programme between Michigan Technological University, USA and Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland on: Cities as Cultural Bridges: A MultidimensionalProgram for Polish and American Municipal Management Students.
1994-1998 Adjunct Associate Professor of Management w School of Business and Engineering Administration, Michigan Technological University, Houghtom, USA.
since 1988 member of  International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society.
since 1992 memeber of European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.
1994-1998 member of  Board of Management,  International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society.
1995-1997 president of Science Committee of Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Wroclaw University of Technology
since 1997 member of Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne (Polish Economic Society)
since 1999 memeber of Editorial Board Electronic Journal of Evolutionary Modeling and Economic Dynamics : e‑JEMED.
1998-1999 vice-dean of the Business and Administration Faculty of The First Private Business and Administration High School in Warsaw, Poland (Wydzial Businessu i Administracji Gospodarczej Prywatnej Wyższej Szkoły Busienssu i Administracji w Warszawie).
1998-2001 member of the Committee on Computerisation of Computer Science Faculty of Wroclaw Technological University
since 1999 member of Economic Committee  of Polish Academy of Sciences  in Wroclaw.
since 2001 member of  Board of Management of Polish Economic Society  in Wroclaw
since 2002 Head of General Economic Theory Department of the Institute of Economic Sciences, Wroclaw University, Wroclaw, Poland
since 2002 member of the Scientific Committee of The Center for Legal and Economic, Issues of Electronic Communication, Wroclaw, Poland
2002-2005 plenipotentiary of the President of Wrocław University to the Committee of Polish Universities Center on Computerisation (Komisji Koordynacyjnej Uniwersyteckiego Centrum ds. Informatyzacji).
2002-2005 member of  the Scientific Committee of Wroclaw University Laboratory of  Networking and Software (MLaSKiO).
since 2003 member of Editorial Board of Polish Quarterly Studia Ekonomiczne (Economic Studies).
since 2003 scientific tutor of students Research Society – Koło Naukowe Ogólnej Teorii Ekonomii imienia Ludwiga von Misesa
2004/2005 r. member of University Committee on Computerisation  (Rektorska Komisja ds. informatyzacji Uczelni)
since 2005 r. the chief of Faculty Committee on Computerisation (Wydziałowa Komisja Informatyzacji)
since 2006 r. Member of the Council of the University of Wroclaw Foundation (Rady Fundacji dla Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego)
since 2006r. Member of  the Scietnific Council of the UNESCO Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies (Katedry Studiów Interdyscyplinarnych UNESCO przy Uniwersytecie Wrocławskim)
since 2007 Member of the Council of Polish-American Foundation for Economic Research and Education (Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacjia Edukacji i Rozwoju Ekonomicznego)
since 2010 President of Wroclaw Branch of the Polish Economic Society. Member of the Executive Committee of national Polish Economic Society.
since 2010 Member of Scientific Council of  Studia Erasmiana Wratislaviensa
since 2011 Member of Scientific Council of  Optiumum. Studia Ekonomiczne
since 2012 Member of the Central Committee of Economic Knowledge Contest (Olimpiada Wiedzy Ekonomicznej)

 The visits and internships in foreign institutions: 

  • Humboldt University, Berlin, GDR, 3-17 November 1981.
  • High School of Economics, Budapest, Hungary, 5-12 August 1984.
  • Humboldt University, Berlin, 13-27 May 1985.
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, 1-15 June 1986.
  • Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology, University of Limburg, Maastricht, The Netherland, 1-30 November 1989.
  • Michigan Technological University, School of Business and Engineering Administration, Houghton, U.S.A., 3 – 19 September 1991.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, System Dynamics Group, Cambridge, USA, 24-25 September 1991
  • Columbia University, School of International & Public Affairs, New York, USA, 27-28 September 1991
  • International Institute of Applied System Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria, (20 January-15 February 1995)
  • Interantional Institute for Applied System Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria, 25 April – 15 May 1996
  • Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology, Rijksuniversiteit Limburg. Individual Mobility Grant (8 July -28 September 1996), IMG-95-PL-1019.
  • Max Planck Institute on Economic Research, Jena, Niemcy, 3-10 June 2002.
  • Lecturer at  ESSID 2005 European Summer School on Industrial Dynamics, Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese – Corsica – France, 10-17 September 2005.
  • Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC), University of Manchester, Great Britain, 11-15 December 2006.
  • Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, 20 July 2009-20 August 2009.
  • Facultad de Economía y Empresa, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain, 19.09.2016 – 23.09.2016


(some of them available at my webside


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(History of Liberal Thought. Liberty, Property and Responsibility – in Polish)




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 Selected articles published in newspapers and in the internet websites (in Polish):